The Best Camping Games to Play with Family and Friends

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Camping Games? When you think of camping, what comes to mind? Roasting marshmallows over a fire? Telling ghost stories under the stars? Hiking through the woods? Camping is all of those things and more. Camp games can make or break a camping trip is having a good game plan. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best camping games to play with family and friends. Don’t forget camping games for kids! So whether you’re looking for something to do around the campfire or something to keep the kids entertained on a hike, we’ve got you covered with these fun camp games!

Camping Games For Fun And Leasure

  • Ghost in the Graveyard: This classic game can be played with as few as three people and is perfect for those who enjoy a good scare. One person is chosen to be the ghost and goes off to hide while everyone else counts to 100. Once the ghost is hidden, everyone goes off searching for him or her. If the ghost is found, he or she must chase after the seeker and try to tag them before they make it back to base safely. If the seeker makes it back without being caught, then the ghost becomes the seeker for the next round.
  • Twenty Questions: This game is great for long car rides or rainy days spent cooped up in a tent. One person thinks of an object, person, place, etc., while everyone else takes turns asking 20 questions in an attempt to figure out what it is.
  • I Spy: Similar to Twenty Questions, I Spy can also be played in the car or when you’re stuck indoors. One person starts by saying “I spy with my little eye something…” and finishes with a description of the object they are thinking of. The other players then take turns guessing what it is until someone gets it right.
  • Charades: Another indoor camping classic, charades can be tailored to any age group and generally requires no props or materials other than some pieces of paper and a pencil. One player writes down a list of items, people, movies, etc., on small slips of paper and puts them into a hat or container. Players then take turns choosing a slip of paper and acting out the clue without speaking for their team to guess.
  • Hiking scavenger hunt: This one is great for getting kids (and adults) up and moving on a nature hike. Before heading out, create a list of things typically found on a hike like leaves, acorns, berries, rocks, etc., and send everyone off in search of as many items on the list as possible. The first person or team back with all (or most) of the items wins! Don’t forget a good set of Walkie Talkies so nobody gets lost!
  • Nature bingo: Nature bingo is similar to hiking scavenger hunt but can be done anywhere – even in your own backyard! Again, create a list of things typically found in nature like birds, bugs, flowers, etc., but this time makes copies for each player, so everyone has their own bingo card complete with items crossed off as they find them. The first person/team to get bingo wins!
  • Build a fort: This one requires some materials like blankets, sheets, chairs, pillows, etc., but can be done indoors or outdoors depending on your campsite setup. Give everyone plenty of time (30 minutes-1 hour) to build their own personal fort using whatever materials they have at their disposal. Once everyone is finished building their fort, those with Hanging Tree Tents have an unfair advantage with this activity! they can invite others inside to check it out or even have a pillow fight!
  • Campfire stories: Last but not least – campfire stories! This one doesn’t require any materials except maybe some marshmallows and graham crackers for s’mores-making afterward but can provide hours of entertainment around the campfire after dark. take turns sharing scary, funny, or just plain wacky stories from your life! guaranteed laughs (or screams ) for all.

Camping is one of the best ways to spend time with family and friends while enjoying all that nature has to offer. With these fun camping games, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable trip!


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